For Mom, and For Dad

This painting is one of my favorite painting which is done Elaine Kwan. Elaine is one of the student from Cal State Univ. of Long Beach; unfortunately, she was not at the art show but I interviewed one of her friend that was in her group instead. He said though there are two canvases but the painting shows one meaning that the artist loves her parents. She loves both of them in a unique way so she shows each of them in a separate canvas.

On the left, that is Elaine’s mom and the right is Elaine’s dad. Both of these characters are painted base on her imagination and even the color that she picks shows that each character has a different personality and the way she loves each of them is different from another. The paintings also left unfinished and some part like the face; her friend said it is because of time issue so she left it that way. I personally think she did that because she shows that she still does not understand everything about her mom and dad yet so that is the way to express that. It also matches with the sketchy-like painting in the back ground, too!

When I first looked at it, i find these paintings are a little bit sad because she put them separately and they also not looking at each other or share the same environment. But when I look deep into them, I explored that there are more than just depressed and separation.


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