Meet Tai Bui

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my new friend, Tai Bui. He’s from Westminster and graduate from Westminster High School. Beside having to go to school, he likes to play basketball on his free time with his friends at the park everyday because that is his hobby. He also like to exercise to keep himself active and healthy; sometimes, he prefer sleeping since nothing is better than resting and maintain energy. He said if there is something he want to change about himself, he would like to change his unprofessional attitude toward some situations since he like to mess around most of the time.

When I asked him about his interest in art, he said he does not like art very much because he cannot see the connection between the drawing or painting and how it reflects to reality or the artists’ imagination; however, he is still trying to fit in with the art activities with everyone and the class. Tai also said he does not like to draw because he does not have the patient to fill in every detail in the picture. Moreover, he admitted that he does not have talent for art; he prefer sport more. Although he is not very good in artisticĀ field, he appreciate the different cultures throughout the world. He said he would like to travel to Europe sometimes so he can experience how the cultures there are different from America. He also like the video about graffiti that he watched in class, he thinks it is a unique way to express one’s feeling to people and the video also shows that there is always someone in the world is feeling the same that someone else feel; either happy or sad.

I had a really fun talk with Tai today and he is a very interesting person; though he said he is just a plain, normal guy like any other guy but I don’t think so.


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