Week 3 Activity: Instagram

This photo of a foggy parking lot is one of the places that I have to go through everyday and every morning. It is in fact one of my weekly activity just like many other people that I found in common, going to school. As I look through many other picture of my classmates, I find that, it is a bit sad how all of of have the same daily activity throughout the day: wake up, eat, go to school, a little bit of relaxing, then school again, then eat, and go home. Everyday people do the same thing and yet, they are not bored of it. It is just like playing a video game but this is a game of life, where you have repeat everyday in order to survive and you cannot give up to it; because if you do, you will lose to others.

Although repeating everyday sounds boring but what I find interesting is that some people have different ways to do it, and how they do it. It is the mood is what matter to the people. One day, if someone wakes up happy, then one will go through the whole day with the smile on the face. Some will have a bad day, and the whole day, they will close themselves up and just try to live by. That is what I see as I go through the long list of pictures, and as for me, that day, this gloomy picture, expressed me best.


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