Week 3 – Interviewing Artist

On Thursday, we were able to check out the galleries again which filled with amazing art works. One of my favorite painting is done by Josh. Josh is a 27 years old painter and his painting was about him and his girlfriend, Jackie. Josh said even though his painting looks very nice but he still need to improve his skill and technique. A weird thing I know about Josh is he likes to paint in a dark room so that the light from outside cannot interrupt the color, so as a result, he likes to paint when the sun is set. Maybe that is something I should try to become a great painter like him.

One of his art work was present at the gallery that day and he told us the girl sitting next to him is his girlfriend. He said he creates better works if it is what he want to be in the picture. For example, he wants to have a little animals and a background that feels like at home in the painting of him and his girlfriend. Thus, he did a great job at expressing that moment that he feels sitting next to his girlfriend, everything in the painting was detailed and very memorable.

It was a great chance to meet someone with such talent like him. I hope in the future, I can express myself through paintings like him so I can capture my moment in my own feeling and perspective.


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