WK 5 Activity – Kickstarter

imagesFor the first project that I choose, I want to pick on the Food category since everybody loves food and what is there to hate about food. This project is started from a guy Raj, he wanted to help the community in Himalaya to sell their tea in the US. Their tea is not a usual kind of tea, it is a new kind of tea and the taste is different because of the soil and the processing. Raj started a company name Young Mountain Tea. This tea is one of the most healthy tea there are and it hones your body’s health a lot. I am a person that loves tea as well, so I think this is a great project to fund in.

download2The next project is also within the Food category, but this creation is a good creation. The two founder, Wesley November and Trevor Page create a new hot sauce of their own and name their brand Zombie Blood Hot Sauce. The reason I find this sauce is not a great idea is because there are already too many type of hot sauce in the market already, another four will not make a change. Moreover, they have to make their sauce mind-blowing in order to attract the customers and it is a very hard process

download3For the next category, I will talk about Music because music can change how people feel, think, and think; so music is a big thing in our lives. The project I want to talk about is from Stupid Flanders; they created a new albums from themselves. The Stupid Flanders have played with many big bands in the last eight years like skatalites, voodoo glow skulls, mad caddies, etc, and they have a great passion for their music; it is unique blend of ska, punk, rock, and sloppiness. For me, I love to see people putting effort into creating music everyday to help their world becomes a more joyful place.

dance_01-thumb-480x270-13820And the last project is from a music category as well, however I don’t think this is a great project, in my opinion. It is called Nuren, for The New Renaissance. The two Jake and Jessie are creating a brand type of music to the viewers by letting them feels what is it like to be in the music video by using Oculus Rift and let them control what they want to see the new side of watching an MV. This project takes up a lot of money and effort and when I read it, I did not find it interesting at all.


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