Wk 5 – Artist Interview

In this week’s art, the works from the artist that caught my eyes the most were from Brianna Allen. The art works took up a large space in the gallery because there were too many of them. I was amazed by how much work she put in her art works. At a glance, they look simple but when you stare at it for awhile, you will realize how much work you have to put in. Her creations that were displaying at the gallery were made out of metal, plastic, copper, and more.

While in the interview with the students there, Brianna said that her art works are based on real life objects and things she sees then with a little twist. Brainna art works are also shown to many people in Germany, which I find amazing because my best art work is only shown within the county. This is not good enough for a person that loves to do art like me. I accept the fact that I am not as good as her and I need to be inspired by more good art works of many kinds and more people. This is my first time seeing art works that is about crafting and they are very neat as well. It was an honor to meet Brianna that day.


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