Wk 5 – Conversation with a new friend

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to Ngoc, my new and very interesting friend that I just made on Tuesday; she is a very friendly person and she smiles most of the time. Ngoc graduated from Cypress High School last year so we’re both freshmen and same age. She likes to travel to many countries to see new things every year. She said she has a weird “job” since she “volunteer” at a car dealer to do the paper works for the people there.

For Ngoc’s career, she is currently major in communication because she likes to talk to people and easy to make friends. However before that, she wanted to major in biochemistry but math gives her a hard time so she decided to switch. Beside taking general education classes at CSULB, Ngoc is taking communication classes for her major at USC on Tuesday and Thursday. She told me she wanted to go to Melbourne, Australia, to study there but she wants to stay close to home so she changed her mind. Like every most other people, Ngoc spends time her laptop to see what is going on in the world, talk to her friends on social media websites, and listen to music.

It was really great to have an opportunity to meet someone like Ngoc, who is completely opposite from me in personality and does way more fun things in her life. I need to hang out and learn more things from Ngoc so I can feel the world more.


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