Wk 6 Activity – Yard Bombino

20150301_235158My expeirence of yarn barning is very fun to me, It gave me new ideas to make things around my room look less boring and plain like the way it always was. The yarn barning was surprisingly easy to me and yet I never really thought of it as an artistic way of doing art. Back in middle school, I used to have friends that do a lot of yarning everyday and I think those are just girly things and I never cared, And yet, here I am, cut up one of my dearest and oldest shirt on put it on my pillow that i sleep on everyday.

To me, yarn barning is a little bit less fun than doing graffity because I like more explosive things like splashing paint and doing rebellious things. I find graffity week was a lot more fun, however, there are art works from yarning that are created by men and those are also as great as women’s work. There are nothing feminine about it. 20150224_121050


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