Wk 6 – Artist Interview

In this week art, The art that really caught my attention the most was from Alanna Marcelletti. Why? because it was really strange to me, when I first looked at it, I had no clue what I was looking at until I spend a long moment staring at it while my friend convince me that they are just some weird art. From what I see, her arts are put within a frame and cover by a thin layer of cloth so that it creates a mystery since to it. Behind that cloth is a mix of color that embrace both positive and negative which expresses her feeling.

According to Alanna, her artwork follow the non-linear experiences of womanhood through a dialog between painting, material, and sculpture. Her artwork also have an abstrace space that shows the result from what she sees how things influence her in good and bad, gender roles, and heeding the biological clock in a delicate balance while pursing career goal. Her artwork really speaks to me a lot when I see it combine with the description of what she trying to say to the viewers. I have never seen such abstract ways of expressing an emotion..


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