Wk 6 – Meet New Friend

Hi guys, this week, I would like to introduce you to Khoa Do. Khoa and I went to the same middle school and high school but we were never really close to each other so we never knew a lot about each other. Taking advantage of having art class together, I decide to spend a day with him to ask him about his past. It turned out that he was also from Vietnam like me; however, I never knew about that and I’ve always thought I am the only one comes from another country in my middle school.

In middle school, I was very active and try super hard in studying and achieve high score. Typical Asian things. During lunch, I always play basketball with a group of my close friend. Sadly, Khoa was not one of them. Khoa was a kind of guy that likes to sit back and relax with his buddies at lunch and talk about their favorite things instead of spending more energy on the basketball court. In high school, I was less athletic but still trying hard in school. Instead of basketball friends, I hung out with my dance club. We ate lunch together and dance together every morning, lunch, and after school. Therefore, I never really had a chance to talk to Khoa, so I never really know a lot about him. On the last year of high school we had foreign language and physic classes together so I decide to talk to him. It turned out that he is chill like I thought and he is somewhat fun to talk to. Khoa is a nice friend that anybody can have, he is very casual and friendly.


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