WK 7 Activity – Life & Dead – Landscapes with a Corpse

In this week activity, we are assigned to take a self-portrait of yourself and a place of departure, death. This concept was created by Izima Kaoru and it is also her twenty-year-long project of photographing landscapes with corpse. I must say, This is one of the weirdest thing I would imagine myself doing because I never really thought of it that way until now. Picking a location and lay down play death is a bit creepy to me, but I am willing to try everything.

In my photo, I pick the lovely garden that I work on almost every day and it locates in my backyard, I love to take care of plants and also vegetables. The reason why I pick the garden is because beside school, I usually study in the shades of the plants that grew high over me and I really appreciate the work that put out to get in return from the plants, beside shades, I can also get fruit from them which are great. The reason why the photo was taken in night time is also because when I decide to grow plants, it was sun set and I just grabbed my shovel and soil and some seeds to grow. Every night, I would go out and breath the fresh air from the plants and I enjoy the cool chills at night.


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