Wk 7 – Artist Interview

In this week art, I pick another artist the create arts through crafting again since I can never get enough amazement from crafting arts. The artist of this week name is Andre Ritter, Andre Ritter create her arts through crafting materials like metal, copper, steel, and some of them are made out of wood as well. All the art I saw that day was very cleanly created and forged together. As a metalsmith, she needs a lot of imaginary and motivations to make creative items everyday. She love to craft things that has the theme of mid-century modern lifestyle and motif; in addition, TIKI as well. Those are something I have never heard before.

The two types of old style art that she finds interest are because the things in her life influences her that way and she also feel fortunate by that because it leads her to creating the amazing art works that I saw that day. She also said that she is intrigued with and inspired by the visual and tactile properties of metal. When she created the works, she wanted to viewers to have that amazed moment that she feels as well, the “A-ha moment” and she hope that they might inspire you to creating something as great as she created.


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