WK 7 Conversation – New friend

This week I’d like to introduce you to Richard Truong, a new good friend of mine. We knew each other through another person but hey, we can still be good friends and have good connection, right? Anyway, Richard is from Cerritos city and he graduated from a high school in his area as well. When I first met Richard, it was a little hard to talk to him because he seems a bit shy and we never really looked straight at each other and talk. However, on the second day we met, we were able to pull off a comfortable conversation and we laughed a lot. Richard is currently a freshman at CSULB and he majoring in computer science, mostly programming.

I found out that he likes a couple things that I also like. We both like to play video games and listen music; anything but country music. He also learned a type of martial art, Judo, and he is up high in black belt, But i am opposite from him, I am only 3 belts deep in Taekwondo and I had to quit because of a pretty serious injury at my ankle during training. We both wanted to learn how to ride a motor bicycle as well, since they are fast and the engine sounds satisfying. Beside all those common things, he has an older sister and a younger brother which I will never have any. He said he does not talk to them a lot so i guess I understand how he feels. Ever since I talk to Richard, I found out that there are actually people that I can hang out with beside myself and do things alone. I hope we can become good friends in the future.


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