Week 8 Activity – Remix

In this week activity, we talked about the internet culture and one of the famous thing on the internet right now is remix. Although it is the internet but there are a lot of feeling are shown in the social media. Everybody has the freedom to have access to the internet but there are fear behind it, fear of being hacked, stalked, scammed. However, those who take those fear and still try anything are showing no fear and in stead, they are taking the risk instead. From those risks, people can make improvement to their creation, or an empowerment to show the quality of their work. My thought on the copyright thing on the internet is absolutely acceptable. I believe that people should get credit for what they do and deserve to be known. For example, if you draw an amazing picture but someone took a picture of it and said that he or she drew it, it is hard to prove that he or she did not do it, especially over the internet.

During my experiment with my remixing this week, I had a great time with it because it has been a while since I dance again. When I dance again I constantly had to think of my favorite dancers’ unique move and try to copy it; however, I had to add a twist to it so it different from their way but in my way. For example, my favorite dancer does a hand stand but on one arm and on the elbow, then he hops on it. On the other hand, I did the same thing but i changed it to grabbing my knee and freeze it there instead of hopping. It was, indeed, a very fun experiment but yet, challenging.

(Credit to my friend for helping me with this dance move. however, he did it better than me so I want to show a better version of what I tried to do)


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