Week 8 – Artist Interview

In this week artist stuff, I find this week is the most interesting week so far compared to all of the other weeks. Why? Because I get to taste the art. That’s right, taste it in my mouth and digest it. Beside that, the artists group also take up the whole Gatov West art gallery to create an environment which feels like at home. I felt absolutely amazing when I walked in the “gallery,” feels like home. There were many sections in the room but the section that attracted people the most were the “kitchen” section where there was an artist that personally made the juice himself and pass them to the viewers to let the taste the art of culinary. During his presentation, the artist himself cutting up the fruits and vegetable so he can make a healthy juice to let everyone tries it. All of the fruits and vegetables there were freshly grown and picked so there were no fear of getting a stomachache drinking it.

While making the juice to everyone, she explained to others that the vegetables are more likely to have more and better nutrients and vitamins than fruits because vegetables are harder to grow and they give more nutrients than fruits. There were two blenders when he presented his art, one of them use to blend the fruit but they leave out the peel of the fruit and the other one was a cold press which blends everything so you can get all of the nutrient from vegetable and fruits. I tried the one with the peel which taste really weird because I never tried eating something like an orange peel before. However, I know that most of the vitamin in the fruits are contain on their skin. I learned a lot from his presentation about healthy drinks, from this experience, I can greatly improve my health and change my eating habit.


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