Week 8 – Interviewing New Friend

Hello everyone, today, I would like to introduce you to my new friend that I talked to a couple days ago; her name is Mary Quach. Unlike all of my other new friends, Mary is not coming from anywhere near me or any of my friend, she is coming from Sacramento. That’s right, that far far city up in North of California, I forgot to ask her why did she come all the way down here just to go to Cal State Long Beach. I guess this school is pretty special not to people around this area but to people from far places, too. Anyway, Mary is also a freshman like me and she graduated from a high school in Sacramento, too; I almost thought she graduated from somewhere not near she was born.

When I first saw Mary, she looks like a very quiet person and she always seems to be observing what is going on around her; stay on alert, I guess. On the day that I talked to her, she was sitting alone in the sun and I also need a partner to do an interview so she allow me to talk to her even though she was already waiting for her friend to come. What a kind person. As we talk, I found out that she likes a lot of common things that others like as well: food, music, traveling, relaxing. Out of all the things I ask her, I was surprised that she said Sacramento is a boring place and she does not like it there. I guess, for a person that never been to Sacramento would be surprised. Mary especially love the hot weather, she said she likes the beach a lot just because it is hot there. I had a pretty tough time talking to her that day… the whole time in the summer heat even though it is only March.


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