Week 9 Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

For this activity, I choose the Rec Center at the far corner in CSULB. The reason why I chose that building is because that building is where I can find me relaxing and free from thinking the most out of all of the buildings in school even though I still doing intense work in there. In that building It has many activity for students can participate throughout the day like, rocking climbing, basketball court, swimming pool, running area, and more. I love how the Rec Center is kept very clean for all the students to use and everyone in there has good manners about what they have to do and also help keeping the place clean for others as well. One of the greatest reason why many students in CSULB attend at the Recreation and Wellness center is it is free for students that go to CSULB. With a scan of your hand, any guys and girls can go to lift weight or do any of the activity they want for free there.

The Rec Center at CSULB, my school, is considered one of the best gym building out most of the University in America. With 126,000 square feet and two-story, it is one of the greatest building on campus and considered to be a state of the art facilities. There are also many technological advances machinery that are free for CSULB students to use for their workout. This building not only bringing students that are using it but also students that live by it. Rec center created over 180 jobs for undergraduate and graduate students to work at the Rec Center and make a little extra money to live as a college student. With the free entrance fee and great modern machine to use anytime, everyone should at least check this building out once to see how great it is. it locates close to the engineering building and next to the sport fields in school. img_29251


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