Week 9 – Artist interview

In this week’s galleries, what caught my attention the most was made by Lesley Nishinawara. One of the most amazing paintings that I really like was a huge painting combines of many small paintings from A4 sized papers. All of those A4 papers were mostly painted on water color and a mixed of color pencils. And they were perfectly present and colored by the artist. Beside that, Lesley also made many more of the same way but they are so well created.

Lesley said that what she look for in her art is the information is revealed through a system and what she get for the result from that pattern. In her work, she includes a series of interation, manipulation and reversal of positive and negative space. No wonder in the huge painting of koi fishes, there are sudden empty spaces between them, and make it seems like it’s unfinished. What I also like from what Lesley did was transforming what she sees in the real world to the her imagination and create her own work by that. Able to see such art works like this really makes me to start painting again and really go out to see more and make my life more worthy


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