Week 9 – Meet New Friend

Hello everyone, this week I would like to introduce to Ben Lee, he is one of the friendly friends I have made during the semester. To me. Ben came from a far place to me because I tried to drive there once and it was super far; all the way in Arcadia; however, he said it wasn’t that far for him and he has to drive thirty minutes everyday from Arcadia to Long Beach just to go to school here. I asked him why would he do that, and he answer me that he wanted to and he likes it here so he wants to do it. He also graduated from a high school in Arcadia as well.

Ben is currently a freshman in CSULB just like most of us in the class. He chose to become a computer engineer and he wishes to make programs so he can developed the latest software to help upgrade the technolog And bring it to the most awesome age of technology possible. I hope one day he can change the world with his creation. Ben has a little brother an he is currently a junior in his high school in Arcadia. Ben also play video games, he prefer to play on his personal computer rather than a console like Xbox or PlayStation because it is easy to control. I had the easiest time talking to Ben because he is so friendly and ready to answer all the questions you throw at him.


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