Week 10 – Meet New Friend

Hello everybody, this week I would like to introduce you to one of my most interesting friend that I have ever made in my life. His name is Jay and he came from another country just like me. He said he came from India, a third world country, which I am as well so I instantly feel connected to him the moment we started to talk. Anyway, since we from another country, English was not our first language; however, he is fluent in two languages in India so he is already better than I am.

Though Jay is a sophomore in CSULB but he is very friendly when he talk to me. He told me about his life when he came to America which was very interesting as well. He came to America in his middle school years, then as he studying in high school, he joined the football team of Gahr high school. He said he totally enjoy it but he injured himself pretty bad during the one game that he had to get a surgery on his knee. That surgery vexed him for a long time, he had to walk around with leg wrapped up for half a year. One time, the metal part at this knee broke during his time working in the restaurant so he had to get a surgery again! I would die if I was in his situation. Talking about work, he shared to me that he had been serving at restaurants for five years. He said it totally sucked and he wished one day he wants to open his own restaurant and be his own boss so he won’t be boss around by others anymore. He is currently taking a path down business major to make his dream come true. Which I find interesting when I found out about this is, I am a business owner as well but I studying engineering which are not relate at all. It was a great pleasure to meet Jay, I felt a very welcome when I talk to him. He is definitely someone I will continue hanging out with even long after I graduate and possibly become business partners.


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