Week 11 Activity – Sculpture

FINALLY! something I have been waiting for all year. The funnest activity week ever! For week 11’s activity, my friends and I get to go to the beach have our activity there. The activity was about creating a sculpture out of plaster by creating a hole in the sand and fill up the hole with plaster powder mix with water but we chose to use sea water instead, it is more fun that way. Anyway, I chose to left my hand in the hole and my friends close the hole up. After that, I remove my and the whole is left with a copy of my hand shape, then we pour the plaster mix in the whole and left it there for half and hour.

The dig up part was a very fun part as well, I felt like I am a paleontologists. We had to carefully remove the sand around our sculpture to avoid breaking any part of it. Even though we accidentally broke part of the sculpture but still can remain it one piece. The project was very fun since we get to work in a group and we get to feel the sad and happy together as we do it. Beside, who can be sad at the beach right? Best activity ever!


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