Week 11 – Artist Interview

In this week Art, things are still weird to me to be honest; however, out of all those weirdness, the art work that I liked the most were done by Jerry and Kyle. A little back ground about these two artist is, they are about to  complete their last year of school and will graduate with Bachelor Degrees for Arts. Jerry will have his Bachelor in Arts but about drawing and crafting while Kyle will get his degree in printmaking. Their artwork was took place in one of the four gallery room, it was the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, it was a small gallery and I think they have a reason for it. The artwork is called 5620 because that is the place where they started on their art project, what a weird name for an area. Anyway, the art room was filled with strange art works and ripped paper all over the floor, and it was dark as well. Somewhere in there, there is also part of a car, too. These two did so many artworks that it covers up the whole room and left only a little space of the wall. For their final piece of art, it took them three months to finished and to set up everything in Dr, Maxine Merlino, it took them 15 hours long. The theme seems like an underground subway station that has been graffiti on and left there for a long time.

When my friends and I came up the Kyle and Jerry, they were very friend and they were doing some art work to kill their time there and to keep up with their talents. I asked them where did they get this idea, and they replied that the art style was inspired by an ally in Los Angeles area, somewhere I do not know, and they recreated what they saw there and bring the environment to Dr. Maxine Merlino and it gave a chill because of how perfect they did it.


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