Week 11 – Meet New Friend

Hello everyone, this week, I would like to introduce you to, yet, my new very gregarious friend. His name is Matt, he came from the far end of Costa Mesa, and he still choose to go to CSULB and he is a junior this year; however, age does not matter and it does not limit how fun of a person Matt is. Although we are totally opposite from each other, he is such an outgoing to talk to and he is very easy to make friend with because of how friendly he is. Matt is a history major, a major that requires a lot of reading and writing, and explaining in the chronological event. On the other hand, I am an engineering major where we just follow the guideline of math and create new things. One going forward in time and one going backward. When I asked him what he gonna do with that history degree, he told me he can do a lot of things with it but he will mostly heading in the path of teaching History in college, because high school kids are like hell kids. We had a lot of fun talked about our history in high school.

Matt has the greatest love for Disneyland, since he is a big theme park guy. Matt said he tries to go to Disneyland at least four times a month, with his year pass. Every time he goes, it does not has to be a big thing, it can be just a casual stroll, spend a little time in the line to get on his favorite ride for a good laugh, then a churro and walk around with his girlfriend. Beside theme parks, he is also a big foodie guy. He loves many kind of food but he loves Mexican food the most, he likes how the food has so many ingredients in it and every you eat it, you mouth is explodes with flavors. Matt also love conventions like comic cons, anime, game cons. Man, I gotta hang out around Matt more and learn to become more gregarious like him to defeat my shyness.


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