Week 12 – Artist Interview

In this week’s art show, I took most of my time looking at statues from a very old artist, he is a very humble and I must say he puts a lot of work into his arts. When I first looked into his art, I find it pretty boring but the longer I stare at it, I can see the stages in life that many people go through and the meaning really comes out from his sculptures. To me, I love art works like this, art that are build and takes time to understand. The artist said his art works are from many different culture and countries around the world and he gets his ideas to build his sculpture.

When I walked in his gallery, he was standing next to the sculpture of a couple, and the lady is pregnant. Out of the bat, that sculpture represent parenthood, the heads of the sculptures are stick together and it present the love the nurture for the baby that’s inside the lady’s stomach, In many of the art works, I find that the sculpture of a topless women with a jar on top is very interesting. When I first looked at it, I thought it is about how he can balance the jar on top the sculpture but it’s not. It’s about a woman, a mom, that has been through many up and down in her life. To me, that is very emotional when he explained it because I am very connected to my mom rather than my dad. When the artist explains about why the breasts of the sculpture is big, I really feel how much every women around the world that give birth to many children feels. I can also see the expression of the statue some how, it was sad; yet, I can also see a little happiness in it as well. This week’s art show has many creative project but this one, I find most interesting.


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