Week 12 – Interview New Friend

Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce you to my new friend, her name is very interesting, Jeannette. I’ve seen Annette and Janette before but no Jeanette. She comes from Anaheim, living near Disneyland and so do I. I am a bit exciting about this because she would be such a nice friend for anyone to have. Jeanette is very outgoing and she seems very kind to me when I talked to her. She does not mind about me bothering her on that day when she was busy writing something.

Anyway, this year is Jeanette’s first year in CSULB and she is very exciting about it, still. Although I feel nervous the first day of school and yet still nervous, I just do not know how she can handle it. Jeanette has a dream that one day she could become a surgeon with her biology degree in CSULB. She told me that reason she wants to be a surgeon is because she thinks human body is very interesting and she wants to learn about it more. Beside, she has no fear of seeing the inside of human body; unlike me, I wanted to be a surgeon too but on the day my dad hospitalized, I saw a nurse poke a needle in my dad’s arm and I was almost fainted. Moreover, many of her cousins are very high educated and all of them works in the medical field, that is why she feels sort of pressure if she was not about to be like them. When I talked to Jeanette, even though she is a complete stranger, after just five minutes talking to her, I felt like we could be close friends and stay connect through years and help each other out a lot.

(I forgot to take a picture of her because I did not want to bother her much since she has a biology exam right after the Art class, so I just want to let her study)


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