Week 13 – Algorithmic Art

For this week’s art, I picked out 4 of the bunch of procedures from other people and follow their steps to making their art. I picked two drawings and two crafting procedures.

The two crafting art that I pick are the paper air planes and the origami Boat by Khoa Do and Tai Bui, the reason why I picked these is because I remember when I was little, I make this all the time. But as I grow older and things caught up with my daily lives, I never had the chance to go back and fold a paper air plane to throw and watch it fly and enjoy the moment. Just like the boat, ever since I moved to USA, I never had a chance to go to a near by calm river to float some boats anymore. This is a great chance for me to go back to my childhood.


The next two are drawings, I picked Soojin Kim’s and Eui Jin Song’s drawings. For Soojin’s drawing, that is something I would find myself bored doing but sometimes, those boring art drawings are the ones that lights up my mood because they are so goofy to do. like drawing a tornado under a long word while reading something in class. And Eui-jin’s little flower drawing is pretty cute so I just give it a try, it is simple but the color choice is important because it will sets the mood.



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