Week 13 – Artist Interview

In this week’s art show, the art that I find truly my kind of art and I think the artist did a great job with the art style is by Shishori Nakayama. I love her artwork because I love the great little detail in the art and instead of shading, the artist use stippling to make the dark areas in the drawing. She also uses simple color as well so it does not messes up the viewer and easy to figure out what are in the drawing.

In Shishori’s art, is created from her perspective through out her daily activities, her life, her memories. The intense details has a meaning to them but I guess it is just too much to ask her about everything but just enjoy the art of my style instead. The art I love the most is the one in the middle wall which consists a series of picture surrounding a big one. Furthermore, I also like the picture that has a dog in it, that picture is was when she used to own a dog and she had a lot of fun with it. I also guest that the little human drawing on the side of the dog means she was doing a lot of activity during that time. Shishori’s art is truly my favorite style of art, I tried to draw like her for my AP exam but it took way too much time if you are an amateur in this style. Her works inspired me a lot.


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