Week 15 – Artist Interview

In today’s art show, there are only three galleries open and yet there are over ten artists that showed their arts in the galleries and they are all very impressive work. I do not know if it is the last day of activity and the artists go all out or something but their works are amazing. However I think the art work by a Korean artist was the ones I liked the most. She drew a lot of art by hands and also some by digital. I also like that way she use the color for her art works which can really pops the important part of the drawing out.

The artist drew her arts base on her traditional in her country and she add a little abstract to some of them and also a little change of color. For example, the red picture is a picture of the most famous food for Korean since Joseon Era until this day; they eat it everyday. Anyway, she add a lot of contrast to the kimchi and makes it brighter than it should be; therefore, that makes the cabbage look more lively and more delicious. And for the shoes, it is also a traditional shoes that goes with the traditional dress called Hanbok. Those clothes are wear only for Lunar New Year, and after wedding day. There were many more which are more amazing because she able to show the value and tradition, religion, and belief of Korean and I love that very much. Through this artist, I feel like I learned a bit more about Korean through the pictures, it makes me want to travel to Korean by just looking at it.


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