Week 15 – Meet New Friend

Hello everyone, this week I would like to introduce you to my new friend, Hoc Nguyen. Hoc happened to go to the same school as I was in high school but we did not talk a lot back then, now I have a chance to really get to know him more. When I talk to Hoc, I noticed that he has a very calm personality and he likes to do things in the most relaxing way as possible. Which is why he is into drawing when he was just a little boy; however, drawing was just a fun hobby for him at that age, Hoc started to take art more serious when he got to high school, he also like to make model kit building out of woods or little stuff he find interesting. He also like to try water color painting but he said “it is bit hard so he need more time to practice.”

Hoc has a lot of interest in art so he took AP art class back in high school and he also wanted to major in art in the future. When I ask him what does he like about art, he said “he like what art offers to him is what make him interested.” He like to look at neat color painting that express a lot of feeling through the use of colors. Beside looking at other people’s works, he created a lot of his own as well. He said he like to draw still live objects and landscape of different places. When he draws, he feels like he can capture the moment of what he sees in his own perspective and feeling at that exact time and that is what he likes about drawing.


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